Back in the nineties, one of the funniest independent movies out was I Got The Hookup. It was the first time we saw rapper Master P at his funniest and it also introduced us to many new characters who would eventually go on to stardom.

Well, it's long overdue but the return of Black and Blue is back and this time around the cast is even bigger than before. Here is the official trailer for "I Got The Hook up 2" and there are not many movie trailers that really give you what the story is really about, but the anticipation is already high for this one and I have the trailer for you below.

I Got The Hook Up 2 Trailer:

The movie gets an official movie theater release on Friday, July 12th and it should do great numbers on its release. Make sure you get out and support it as Master P and Romeo are really doing it the independent way and helping a lot of the rising stars to hit the big screen in a major way.

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