This past week was a truly exciting week for music and movie fans. It was the official arrival of "I Got The Hook Up 2" from them Miller Boys. Master P has been teasing the movie for over a year now and talked about how he and Romeo had pulled out some of the best talent from the social media world to give them a chance to shine.

The movie was released on Friday and while it had limited theater release, it was also available on various streaming platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime, and a few others. Being a fan of the original, I decided to make sure it was on my list and I downloaded the movie and watched it Friday night. Here is my takeaway from the movie.

I knew going in that this wasn't a big budget movie, but I knew it wouldn't be a total bust, either. There were some funny parts in the movie from DC Youngfly, Fatboy SSE and comedian Gary Johnson, who is fresh off hosting the Millennium Tour, along some other familiar faces that you might know.

This time around, Black and Blue were heavily involved but it focused around their kids and saving a restaurant that was about to be closed due to neighborhood gentrification. I give the movie a 5 out of 10 because I wasn't disappointed, but I assume that I had the bar too high for what I expected. It's not a bad movie at all and honestly, it's pretty funny. But more than that, it makes me proud to see that Master P was able to put together this movie on his own. He financed the movie and was able to solicit theaters for it to be shown as well as secured the streaming platforms.

Master P has shown that we can do things without looking for handouts and can make something we want to make on our own terms. I highly recommend that you give it a view and just support the movement. This is going to open the door for so many other artists to distribute their own music and create their own movies. It creates a lane for up and coming movie directors and future CEOs to believe in themselves. Will the movie win an Oscar? Not by a landslide. But it has really motivated me to realize that when some say no, that won't stop you from fulfilling your goals and dreams. I definitely stand with Master P on this one and all of my future entrepreneurs out there grinding.

I Got The Hook Up 2 Official Trailer:

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