Wow!  That "church boy" did his thang!  Joshua is constantly reminded that he sounds like he's from church.  Well, I have news for you, ain't nothing wrong with being blessed with having a "church" background.  The fact is 90% of all African American singers started in church.  And tonight, the brotha from church  proved he's got the swag to sing ANYTHING he wants!  So take that!  You go boy!  He put his foot in   "I Wish" and I'm sure like Jennifer Hudson, Stevie is proud.

Here's a recap!

"You just wore it out, at the top of the show," Randy Jackson tells him. "You've got this amazing Church of God in Christ kind of voice ... If you feel the beat and rock like that, you can sing anything."

Jennifer: "I felt the music through what you were doing." She also likes the hand jive that he was doing. "You make us feel it and start clapping."

Steven: "You have the snap, you brought it home, you listened to Mary J. and you nailed it."

Ryan asks Joshua how he feels: "I know it only gets better from here," he replies. "I'm excited."