One of the legends when it comes to hip hop music is Ice Cube. He is known for wrecking the game all the way back to his days working with NWA. He is also a legend from introducing us to talent like WC, Mack 10, The Lench Mob and more.

When I heard word that he was dropping a new album I was totally happy and surprised as well. However Ice Cube has always been one to show up and show out during troubled times in the world. The album is called "Everythangs Corrupt"


Ice Cube- "Good Cop Bad Cop":

I have listened to the album from the front to the back and Ice Cube is still a veteran with these lyrics and he's got some new producers along with veterans like DJ Pooh and Mr. Ski. If you are a Cube fan you will love where he is going with album and will not be disappointed.


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