Congrats to Ice-T and his wife Coco.  The happy couple brought in the new year by renewing their wedding vows in Vegas.

The happy couple showed no signs of strife as they professed their love for one another on their 12 year anniversary.  However, as the couple try to put last years scandal behind them, trouble is looming over their wedding bliss.  Backing up a bit, last December, photos of Coco and a rapper by the name of AP 9 serviced on the internet.

Since the pics hit the net, Coco claims that's all she did with AP 9 claims guy.  However, looks like this dude wants blood.  He's claiming that he and Coco did a lot more than take photos together.

Cheif Keef-Facebook

Coco's nightmare doesn't end there, looks like AP 9 has some more tricks up his sleeve. Find out what, below with Tha Wire. In the meantime, as previously reported rapper Cheif Keef was in court yesterday to answer to violating his parole. Prosecutors were looking to nail him and have him placed in custody until the end of the month. However, a Cook County judge didn't see things their way. Though the rapper got some good news, he may not be so lucky the next time around. Get the scoop on the latest with Keef with Tha Wire below.

Ryan Leslie-Youtube

Finally in entertainment news, it's not making out to be a good year for singer/producer Ryan Leslie.  Last year he was sued by a man who returned his stolen laptop for a $1 million dollar reward.

Ryan was in Germany when his laptop came up missing.  It apparently had some very important, so shortly after it's disappearance he went on Youtube and offered a $1 million dollar reward to anyone who finds or returned it.  He got his wish, a man by the name of Armin Augstein found/turned it in.  However, Leslie refused to pay the reward.  So, Augstein sued him, but that's not where the story ends.  Get the rest of this story and all of the above now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire.