Millions of Americans of every walk of life, are not satisfied with the acquittal of George Zimmerman.  If you believe Trayvon Martin's civil rights were violated and he had a right to walk home.  Join us in signing this petition, urging the Department of Justice to bring charges against George Zimmerman.


These are my personal views on this issue.

I'm pissed!!  As an American, I'm embarrassed.  I'm embarrassed because our justice system allowed this to happen and that the rest of the world was watching.  I feel America has continued to fail on issues of "civil rights" for ALL and it's unshakable disease of "racism" is alive and well.  As a tax paying, born and bred American citizen I am demanding justice for Trayvon Martin.

As a mother, I'm brokenhearted.  My children are the most precious things in my life.  I live and breath for them.  I realize Trayvon could have been my son.  I feel his mothers pain.  As a mother, I too would want the person who murdered my child to pay.

As an African American, I am disgusted and sick and tired, that time and time again, things like this continue to happen in this country.  I am sick and tired of the denial that racism IS and has ALWAYS been a problem in America.

As a human being, I think it is laughable that some people actually believe, they are better or should have some sort of priority because of the color of their skin.  As a human being, Trayvon Martin deserved to live.

As a Christian, the only peace I have- George Zimmerman may have escaped American justice, but he can not escape God.

Bottom line I feel, Trayvon Martin had a "civil right" to walk home.  Trayvon Martin had a "civil right" to live in that neighborhood.  I feel, George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin and assumed he was a criminal based on the color of his skin.  The FACTS- George Zimmerman stalked and followed an innocent, unarmed person and had NO authority to do so.  He was told by "authorities" to stop following Trayvon Martin and yet, he continued.  Because of George Zimmerman's actions, Trayvon Martin is dead.  Therefore, George Zimmerman broke the law and should pay for his crime by going to jail.

If you want to demand justice for Trayvon Martin, join millions of Americans and sign this petition.  Here's the link to the White House petition as well.



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