When it comes to music, I hear a lot of stuff out there. I get everything from hip hop, soul to Gospel and Country. So when I saw an email that came from a label that is known for releasing a lot of great gospel music from artist like Jason Nelson, Kirk Franklin and The Walls Group. I was shocked when I saw Snoop Dogg in the headlines.

I am quite sure that I wasn't the only one. I figured that it was spam, but once I got more into it. I saw that it actually was a gospel single featuring Snoop Dogg and Tye Tribbett. The song was called "You". I was still hesitant and skipped over the email. The next day there was another email from the same label and it gave a description of the album called "Bible Of Love". Once I read into it. I saw that it was featuring The Rance Allen Group, The Clark Sisters and so many more. It was an e-card connected to it which is usually the songs. I downloaded it and it featured 4 songs. I must admit that I am impressed.

One of the things that got me was that the songs that I heard wasn't songs that featured to much of Snoop. There are actually songs that don't feature him at all which honestly made it that much better. Now we do remember some of the most rawest songs coming from the LBC rhyme spitter. But I am not one to judge and  if you give it a listen. I think you will be impressed by what you hear and the positive messages that come from the album. The full length album will feature 32 songs and will be available in March. While there will be plenty of spectators, critics and more. The fact that legendary names have attached themselves to it shows that they have faith and believe in the project themselves. I will be waiting to hear what the full album offers and recommend that you all put an ear to see what messages the former hood banging rapper can deliver.


Snoop Dogg- "Words Are Few":


Snoop Dogg- "Blessing Me Again":

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