Tonex was ahead of his time when it came to gospel music and was often looked at as being pretty ecentric when it came to his form of gospel. There were also speculations about his sexuality and style at the time. Well he officially came out of the closet and below is a video explaining why and what his current plans are.

Singer Tonex Comes Out Of The Closet:

He was always one that folks had to watch because he always pushed the barrier as far as his style of music and more. He now goes by the moniker B. Slade and has adopted more of the r&b/ rock style of music now. He still has as big of a fan base as before,  but now he has embraced fans of all race, gender and sexuality. Check out some his older music and some of his current stylings.

Tonex- "Make Me Over"

B. Slade- "Cardigan"

Does this change your opinion of him and if so why?