While the time has been more than refreshing, I am happy to say I am back from vacation and ready to kick off another great year. Make sure you join me today inside The Afternoon Jumpoff with plenty to talk about and, of course, good music as always.

Tune in for Tha Wire with Gina Cook at around 3:45pm and The Jumpoff Mix with Fleet DJ Butter shutting things down today at 5:00pm. And while I don't really do resolutions, I got to talk about things that I will be working on for the new year. That includes getting my health in order and working on being around for years to come.

This is the time for all of us to work on a better us. The coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon, so we still have to keep our precautions going and maintaining our safety and health. Let's have fun today for the first show of the new year today at 2:00pm.

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