Kids are unpredictable, as this kid in this video was when it came time to blow out his birthday candles on his fifth birthday. The video was posted to Facebook and Instagram by Irene Santos, with the caption: You think your kids are bad.

As the family comes together around the dinner table, the hand of an adult off-camera is seen attempting to light the candle on the cake before the boy seems to get impatient and takes a bite out of the edge of the cake. Some of the partygoers seem amused until the candle is finally lit, when he then blows it out and proceeds to flip the cake over onto the table. His actions were immediately met with gasps.

I don't know what prompted the boy to flip his birthday cake as his family looked on in both shock and dissatisfaction, but I'm thinking maybe it wasn't the flavor he asked for or maybe he got impatient because they hadn't lit the candle yet? What do you think?

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