Uncle Sam said victims of the February winter storms have until June 15 to file their individual or business tax returns and make tax payments. The IRS announcement comes as 64 parishes in Louisiana have been declared disaster areas due to back-to-back hurricanes and the recent winter storm. IRS tax deadline extensions include payments from taxpayers who either live in or have a businesses in the affected parishes.

If a taxpayer receives a late filing or payment penalty notice during this new grace period, call the IRS disaster hotline at 866-562-5227 to avoid the penalty. For info on the winter storm tax relief and services currently available, click here.

LOOK: Milestones in women's history from the year you were born

Women have left marks on everything from entertainment and music to space exploration, athletics, and technology. Each passing year and new milestone makes it clear both how recent this history-making is in relation to the rest of the country, as well as how far we still need to go. The resulting timeline shows that women are constantly making history worthy of best-selling biographies and classroom textbooks; someone just needs to write about them.

Scroll through to find out when women in the U.S. and around the world won rights, the names of women who shattered the glass ceiling, and which country's women banded together to end a civil war.

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