Jon Gruden got in hot water this week after ESPN released a story with some emails allegedly he wrote that have some racial tones in them. The story blew up and on Monday night, Jon Gruden resigned as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Once Jon Gruden announced that he was resigning, social media blew up as LSU fans started calling for the LSU Athletic department to hire him as the next football coach at LSU.

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We know what your thinking, Doesn't LSU already have a head football coach? The answer is yes they do, coach Ed Orgeron. But fans are frustrated how the Tigers football team has performed after having that dream perfect season in 2019 where they went undefeated and won the college football national championship.

In 2020, LSU went 5-5 and didn't play in a bowl game. This season, the LSU football team's season is starting to look like a mirror image of last season. So far in 2021, LSU is sitting with a record of 3-3 and 1-2 in SEC play.

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LSU fans are not happy and if you are from Louisiana, you know that LSU fans expect to be part of the national championship conversation every year.

Memes and comments have been flooding social media calling for Coach O to be fired or fans that are speculating that if LSU football stays on the current track, Coach O may not make it through the season before getting fired.

So when Jon Gruden resigned Monday night from the Raiders, it started a frenzy of LSU fans calling for the University to get rid of Coach O and hire Jon Gruden .

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Will that happen? I guess we first need to see how the rest of the season shakes out for the Tigers. It doesn't look good for the program and Coach O as they will face #20 Florida Saturday morning at 11:00 am in Baton Rouge.

If LSU gets drilled, the rumors and the calls for Coach O's job will get even louder.

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