Is Mcalister's returning to Lake Charles again? That seems to be the talk and it seems to be pretty accurate as well. Mcalister's is returning to Lake Charles and honestly, I couldn't be happier. What seemed like a quick exodus from the area a few years ago, that left many including myself without my go-to spot for a quick lunch, and friendly conversations are apparently returning. I think that it is truly time for the return of in my opinion some of the best sweet tea in the area.

I remember going there with several of my co-workers on more than one occasion, and that was the place to be. There was never a moment where you didn't see someone you knew obviously thinking about the same thing for lunch. Whether you wanted a loaded baked potato, White Chocolate Cookies, or one of those great club sandwiches. It seemed like everything was great, and to the average eye, business seemed to always be booming. That's why it was a shock in my opinion when the doors were closed one day without any notice to the public.

According to, there are several open positions including General Manager, Crew Members, and other positions to fill out the spectrum. Another great thing is that they are going to be on Prien Lake Road again as well, but I am sure in a different location than before.

There is no tentative date for the re-grand-opening., however. I personally don't expect anything to come before 2022. Either way, it is still great news to hear as we will get the chance to welcome the return of some great food, Sweet Tea, and a nice place to grab lunch with a few good people along the way.



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