I am a firm believer that we are not supposed to live in fear. However, we are supposed to follow protocol and guidelines that would keep us out of harm's way and from endangering others. The reason why I pose this question is because, as I go out into the community, I am seeing a lot of people not wearing masks.

Obviously, there is no sure-fire way you or I may not get it. But wearing a mask is a contributing factor to keeping others from getting it, along with keeping your distance. Sure, we moved into Phase Three, and some businesses are staying open later. But this does not mean we can just forget that the coronavirus is still out there. Over the weekend, President Trump announced he has it along with his wife. On top of, that there are other officials who were around him that could have been compromised.

Many will say this is a government ploy, but there are people who are dying and there are many I know personally. I will continue wearing my mask until there is a definite cure or this is under control. I would advise many of you to do the same thing in order to keep yourself, your loved ones, and others safe.

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