New Orleans artist Big Freedia has taken the internet by storm with a nursery rhyme remix that has garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Teaming up with the beloved children's show Gracie's Corner, Big Freedia breathed new life into the classic tune "Row Your Boat," creating a captivating rendition that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Released in June, the collaboration between Big Freedia and Gracie's Corner quickly gained traction on social media platforms.

Within a short span of time, the track accumulated an impressive three million views on YouTube alone.

Its infectious bounce beats and fresh take on the timeless nursery rhyme have resonated with both children and adults, making it a popular choice for many on repeat.

Big Freedia, also known as the "New Orleans bounce queen," is renowned for her energetic performances and groundbreaking contributions to the genre. The artist's unique style blends hip-hop, rap, and bounce music, a distinct sound originating from the vibrant streets of New Orleans. Big Freedia's fearless approach to music has earned her a devoted fan base and critical acclaim throughout her career.

By collaborating with Gracie's Corner, a beloved children's show recognized for its educational content and entertaining characters, Big Freedia has effectively bridged the gap between generations. The innovative remix of "Row Your Boat" showcases the artist's versatility and highlights her ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Social media platforms have been flooded with enthusiastic reactions from listeners who have fallen in love with Big Freedia's remix. Parents, children, and fans of the artist have praised the collaboration, noting the refreshing and catchy twist given to the well-known nursery rhyme. Many have expressed their joy at discovering a shared enthusiasm for the song, bringing people together through the power of music.

The impact of this remix goes beyond mere numbers, as it represents the power of creativity and the ability of music to transcend boundaries.

Not to mention it slaps way harder than it should.

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