Benzino wants all the smoke with Eminem and has released his second Shady diss track in 48 hours, "Rap Elvis."

Benzino Drops Another Eminem Diss

On Wednesday (Jan. 31), Benzino spun the block on Eminem with the second diss track aimed at his arch enemy. The latest track, which can be heard below, is titled "Rap Elvis" and finds the Boston rapper shading Shady for over four minutes.

"Rock & Roll was a Black thing until Elvis came and made it different/You can't self sustain, you too selfish wait and listen," Benzino raps on the new track. "You keep saying my name you put yourself in this position/This what happens when the Celtics play the Pistons (Swish)/I was minding my business, you wasn't making any type of noise these days/So a choice was made, clout chase Benzino and Coi Leray/You still in your annoying phase (Wow)."

Later on in the track, Benzino attacks Em's ability as a label own.

"So let's go down your stable, Gun left your label/Benny left your label, Con left your label, Royce left your label," Benzino continues. "Joe Budden left your label, Ortiz left your label (Damn)/Crooked I couldn't save you, Yelawolf been out here floppin' (nah)/And where the hell Ca$his been at though?/Only heard from Obie Trice only twice and not a word from Stat Quo/With all them false lines that you pitched them/Shady records sound like less of a name and more like a description (Stop it)."

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Eminem and Benzino Beef Rehashed

Eminem and Benzino's beef dates back to the early 2000s when Benzino was the owner of The Source magazine and continues on to this day. The Detroit rapper rehashed the beef when he dissed Benzino on the track "Doomsday Pt 2," which was released on Jan. 26. On the song, which can be heard below, Em disses Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray. Coi responded to the shots on social media, while Benzino fired back on the song "Vulturius." 

Benzino is trying to taunt Eminem into responding to his latest shot fired.

"If he don’t respond in 48 hours he’s cancelled," ’Zino captioned the Instagram post about his new diss.

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Hear Benzino go in on Eminem on the new song "Rap Elvis" below.

Stream Benzino's "Rap Elvis"

Stream Benzino's "Vulturius"

Stream Eminem's "Doomsday Pt 2"

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