Jacquees is claiming he got into a kerfuffle with Trey Songz in Dubai that resulted in Trey pulling multiple dreads out of the self-proclaimed King of R&B's head.

Jacquees Calls Out Trey Songz

On Friday (Feb. 2), Jacquees hopped on Instagram and shared a video post calling out Trey Songz.

"I want the world to know this b***h-a*s n***a Trey Songz is a b***h," the Atlanta crooner says in the video below. "This n***a came in the club talking ’bout rape. F**k you talking about rape for, b***h-a*s n***a? Then you come outside the club and swing on your little brother. You is a b***h. Chris Brown the goat."

"’Bout a b***h that ain't even my b***h?" Jacquees continues. "Aye man, f**k you, you b***h-a*s n***a. You a rapist, b***h. And I don't give a f**k if you tell anybody anything about what we text you. Put the messages on there, bruh. F**k you, you b***h-a*s n***a. You can never come around me."

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Jacquees Bans Trey Songz

Jacquees doubled down in the caption of the post and on X, formerly known as Twitter. He claimed Trey is no longer allowed to step foot in the Southern states, specifically Atlanta.

"Trey Songz Banned from the SOUTH especially in the CITY!! CANT COME TO ATLANTA NO MO. At least peaceful," Jacquees posted below.

He also shared a photo of multiple dreads on a table, that were presumably removed from his head during the altercation.

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See video of Jacquees claiming he got into a fight with Trey Songz in Dubai below.

Watch Jacquees Call Out Trey Songz

See Jacquees' Caption Dissing Trey Songz

Jacquees disses Trey Songz

See Jacquees' Tweet Banning Trey Songz From the South

See a Photo of Jacquees' Removed Dreads

Jacquees dreads.

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