Due to the brutal heat and lack of rain, Southwest Louisiana has had one of the dryest, hottest summers on record. As reported by KPLC TV News wildfires in Beauregard Parish have been wreaking havoc over the last 24 hours.

The State Fire Marshall and GOHSEP (Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness) the fires are in the Merryville and Singer area. Emergency workers are on the frontline doing all they can to stop the fires from doing further damage.

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A nonprofit organization came up with a great idea to help keep the frontline workers' sugar levels up and more importantly keep them hydrated. Mary Cross is the founder of New Step Outreach in DeRidder and told KPLC they a fixing snacks and hygiene packs for the first responders on duty. Cross said the reason why,

“It’s got different Propels you stick in water, it’s got peanuts, granola, sunflower seeds, gummies, anything they can keep in their cab or unit so that when they find themselves in between where they can’t get to food and they’re exhausted and they need their sugar levels boosted, these are packs that can go and can stay with them.”


She said they load it all in her van and drive the snack packs out to the emergency workers themselves. However, she could do a lot more if she had more drivers. So, Mrs. Mary is looking for some fine folks to help drive and get more snacks and refreshments out to emergency workers battling the wildfires.

She said all donations are welcome, so if you want to bring nutritional snacks like granola bars, sports drinks, water, and hygiene items or volunteer your time to help prepare snacks, etc. They will take it!

All donations can be dropped off at the outreach office at 2154 Hwy. 171 in DeRidder. If you would like to make a monetary donation online, click HERE.

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