Kid Cudi breaks his foot after leaping off the Coachella stage mid-performance.

Kid Cudi Hospitalized After Jumping Off Coachella Stage

On Sunday (April 22), Kid Cudi performed as part of Coachella's second weekend, and mid-way through his set suffered a broken foot after leaping off the stage. Video of the incident, which can be seeb below, shows Cudder intentionally jumping off the stage to be closer to the crowd as his hit "Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)" plays. However, he crumples to the ground right after landing. Cudi then clarified on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he had broken his foot and had to be hospitalized after the stumble.

"Hey guys, so I broke my foot today at the show," Cudi wrote. "Just leavin the hospital. Never broken a bone before so this is all a bit crazy. I wanna thank u all for ur concerns and well wishes!! I love yall man. I heard yall still ragin when I Was offstage. Made me smile big."

In a follow-up video posted on X on Monday (April 22), Cudi again thanked his fans for their support and said he's not canceling his upcoming Insano World Tour with Pusha T, Jaden, and Earthgang.

"Hey, guys, yeah, s**t got real yesterday," Cudi began. "This is what happens when a 40-year-old man tries to prance around off stage like he's 26, like he used to do back in the day. I learned a valuable lesson. No more prancing around jumping off stages. I'm hoping that I'll be healed up in time for tour. That's the plan, I don't wanna let you guys down. So, uh, yeah, that's what we're aiming for. I'm not canceling anything just yet. Just gonna wait and see how things go, but I'm okay, a little sore. Yesterday I was in a lot of pain, but I'm doing better now."

He went on to say that he's in a cast and he broke something in his heel. He acknowledged it as a "major setback" but said he will "bounce back."

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Kid Cudi Gets Details Head Tattoo

The Man on the Moon's stumble comes after he showed off some intricate new head ink on social media earlier in April. The new tat, which was designed by the esteemed Los Angeles-based artist Dr. Woo, features sprawling mountains and castles protected by a sign that reads "Keep out."

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Watch Kid Cudi break his foot after leaping off the Coachella stage mid-show below.

Watch Kid Cudi Break His Foot After Leaping Off Coachella Stage

See Kid Cudi Speak About Breaking His Foot On X

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Kid Cudi/X

Watch Kid Cudi Talk About Breaking His Foot at Coachella

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