Lil Wayne is joining forces with producer Wheezy Outta Here for their first joint project together, and it's inspired by their shared nicknames.

On Thursday (March 21), the Young Money X account announced the news that some kind of project featuring the two artists is on the way. Weezy vs Wheezy will arrive on April 5. While this is an official collaboration, what exactly this project will be is unclear at the moment.

What Kind of Project Will Weezy and Wheezy Release?

Is it an album, mixtape, EP or song? Whatever the final result will be, fans of both the lauded rapper and Atlanta-bred producer appreciate how they're leaning all the way into their nicknames for this one.

The cover art for the collaboration shows Weezy and Wheezy in a promotional flyer similar to a long-awaited wrestling match. "Weezy Mania," "Wheezy versus Weezy" and "This Is Coming, Hell or High Water" decorate the artwork.

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Lil Wayne and Wheezy Outta Here Work Together for the First Time

This is the first time Tunechi and Wheezy come together on the solo tip. Wayne previously rapped over one of Wheezy's beats for the Gucci Mane collaboration song "Oh Lord," which was featured on The Birth of a Nation: The Inspired By Album in 2016. It seems like Wayne may not have even realized that was a Wheezy beat back then.

In 2020, Wayne praised Wheezy for being one of his favorite new producers during a conversation on Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne. He put a call out to Wheezy to send him some beats. The rapper also hilariously admitted that he thought Wheezy's producer tag, "Wheezy outta here," which is done in Future's vocals, was just a way of Future shouting Wayne out countless times on songs.

"First of all, I thought when I first heard that—like I told y'all, I don’t know nothin' ’bout nothin'—so when I first heard those beats, those songs with 'Wheezy outta here,' on there, I just thought that was Future shouting me out every time," Wayne revealed. "Call me vain, I don't know what you gon' call me. I was like, man. I had to ask Mack [Maine]. You know I gotta ask Mack everything. I had to ask Mack [Maine], 'Hey, hey, why Future keep shouting me out on people's songs and they ain't even talking about me on the song. I was like, I was like, 'Man, tell Future I say that's love.'"

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See the artwork for their upcoming collaboration and watch Tunechi admitting he didn't realize Wheezy's producer tag was not a nod to the rapper below.

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