Footage from Polo G's 2021 arrest in Miami has surfaced and it shows the rapper berating  the arresting officers and booking personnel.

On Thursday night (July 7), TMZ obtained footage of Polo G being arrested on June 12, 2021, on charges of battery against a police officer and resisting arrest. In the video, the Chicago rapper is irate over his arrest and outwardly shows his disdain in video captured on the arresting officer's body-cam.

In the initial clip, we only hear Polo G's voice and see an officer who appears to be typing the arrest information into a police cruiser computer.

"You broke," the rapper tells the officer.

"Here we go about the money," the obviously annoyed officer replies.

"I'm just saying, do you got $10,000 in your bank account right now?" Polo then questions. "I'm just saying, bro, if you die right now, bro, what can you give your kids? If you die right now, what could you give that lady that you in bed with? What could you give to your mama? Have you ever bought your mama anything? Did you buy your mama a car? Did you buy your mama a house? I did that."

"Good for you, bro. I'm glad you did that," the cop calmly answers.

Polo continues to call out the man's career choices.

The video then changes to Polo G sitting in the police station while handcuffed as he states his case. He claims the officer had him in the back of the cruiser for several hours with the windows rolled up in the South Florida heat and he blacked out when they initially tried to detain him.

"I went to sleep and woke up and I was still in the back of that car. I got every right to be frustrated," Lo vents.

The police counter that Polo G was fighting them during the entire arrest, so there was no point in which he was unconscious. They also claim he was kicking the seats in the cruiser during his arrest.

As previously reported, Polo G was arrested in Miami in 2021, following an album release party for his Hall of Fame LP. He was charged with resisting arrest, battery on a police officer, criminal mischief, resisting arrest and threatening a public servant. The incident reportedly started when the driver of a car Polo and his teenage brother were riding in was pulled over for having dark tints. Police say the passengers initially refused to roll down their windows and Polo G was the only person who refused to exit the vehicle when prompted by police officers.

From there, Polo G's team claims officers immediately began antagonizing the rapper and his teen brother, who had nothing to do with the tint violation. Oppositely, authorities say Polo threatened them and resisted detainment, leading to his arrest. He bailed out the same day. Police later announced they were investigating the arrest to make sure proper protocols were followed, which could be the reason for the release of the arrest video.

XXL has reached out to Polo G's team and the Miami Police Department for comment.

See Video of Polo G's Miami 2021 Arrest Below

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