One of the biggest albums not just on the hip hop charts is "KOD" from J. Cole. It dropped with only a few days notice on last Friday as has already broken records previously held by Drake with the most streams in 24 hours on Apple Music for an album.

He dropped a video for "ATM" on last week and today he followed with the video for the single "Kevin's Heart". When I first saw the title and heard the song, I was wondering how things would be between the two and if Kevin would take it personal or be cool. Well the video shows that not only is Kevin cool with the song and title. He was cool enough to appear in the video and it shows how things can be twisted when you don't know the full story.


J. Cole- "Kevin's Heart":

Cole is truly creating his own lane and if he directed this video. He could be well on his way to doing some big box office hits in the near future. The album is phenomenal and should be in your deck. You will be a fan if you're not one and will be a forever fan if you already are.

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