So my wife was scrolling Facebook this morning and saw this video of Jada Pinkett Smith. She said Jada is about to be banned from every award show coming. We laughed about it and then I saw the video myself and couldn't help but to say that Jada was right. There are plenty of great talents out there from producers to directors to actors who work there hearts out giving out the best product for the consumers.

Unfortunately some of the more deserving actors get awards for roles that are less then stellar to their career. This would include Halle Berry and Denzel Washington who both got Academy awards, but I know they have done better movies that were more deserving. So Jada basically called a spade a spade. Of course her husband was in the highly successful "Concussion" and was also overlooked as well for his role. Check out the heartfelt video where Jada calls on other African Americans to pull together and create our own resources and outlets for talent.

Now there may be alot of people who would disagree, but look at the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr boycotting buses and how it affected the bottom line when it came to money lost. If some of the prominant actors would come together to create their own distribution companies for movies and music. How about their own award shows where they can award people all the way down to the interns, then maybe they would take notice. The fact remains that we have alot of power and all we have to do is stand up and do what has to be down. There were plenty of great movies that deserved awards including "Straight Outta Compton". Whether this video will be the springboard to other great things to come or not remains to be seen. I hope that they are looking at this and we can get our just due for the same quality movies and acting.