What has happened to real r&b? Well it is making a major comeback with the resurgence of greats like Maxwell, Tank, SWV and so many more and I am proud to say that there is a young phenomenom from right here in Lake Charles who is contributing to the smooth sounds of Soul Music. He goes by the name of Jarvis Jacobs and today he just dropped his new mixtape/ Album featuring music to satisfy everyones musical taste. To get the download link, make sure you read more!I have known Jarvis for a few years and whether he is making solo moves or rolling with the Southern Gents, he is moving the crowd and making sure they are feeling what he is singing. I am honored to say that I have a small part on this new release called " Rouge" and its definately rated M for mature. To download it for you listening pleasure, all you have to do is go here! This entire release is the bomb and I commend Jarvis for standing out in a field that is really heavy with rappers on every corner, keep doing your thing Mr. Jacobs. Make sure you go and get it and support the movement of KRAVE and Jarvis Jacobs!

Jarvis Jacobs And The Southern Gents: