Just Blaze has a lot of Jay Z music in the vaults. The acclaimed producer spoke to Spin about his contribution to Beyoncé's Lemonade album and revealed that he has two albums worth of Jay Z material that the world has never heard.

The "December 4th" producer was asked if it was hard to keep his work on Beyoncé's album a secret. Just Blaze explained that he's great at keeping music a secret and cited his stash of Jay Z records as an example of that.

"A lot of people, when they work with Beyoncé or artists of that stature in general, there’s usually a number of [Non-Disclosure Agreements] involved and you go through a process," Just Blaze said. "With me, there wasn’t much of any of that because I’ve known her for years and I’ve worked with Jay for almost 14, 15 years. Obviously, it’s never going to be an issue of security with me. I mean, I have at least two albums worth of Jay Z material sitting in my vault. So it’s not that they ever have to worry about me leaking records or releasing information. I give people sneak peeks when it’s appropriate or when the artists want to do it."

Just Blaze said that he does not like to share much because teasers can get fans excited for potential collaborations that may never get released.

"In general, I don’t share too much, because you can get excited about something, share some information that your artist might not want you to share just yet, or you end up sharing something that ends up not happening," the producer said. "How many times have you seen pictures of artists in the studios working or collaborating with other artists or producers, and two years later, there’s still no song?"

Check out the entire interview for more insight on Just Blaze's work with Beyoncé and why timing is so important when it comes to his music.

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