Being a fan of music from all genre's. I am especially proud of the music that we call hip hop. The origins of the music is basically heavily sampled from classic rock or urban songs from back in the day. While some folks look at it as stealing music, only a true producer can go in there and make a beat from scratch to be something that will have the entire world moving.


I have already had a major respect for producers Just Blaze and Mannie Fresh, but after seeing these guys deserve the utmost respect. They recently took part in an event called Rhythm Roulette where they blindly chose 3 records to see what they could create and either one of these could potentially be a classic for a artist looking for some heat. Big Boy Chill talked about Mannie Fresh, but here is Just Blaze


Just Blaze Represents With Rhythm Roulette:

I can only imagine that someone with half a brain should be knocking down the doors of these guys and trying to piggyback on these tracks today. This is the epitome of hip hop and I love the fact that Mannie is getting his shine as well to show that he is truly versatile and can hang with the best of them.


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