Jim Jones didn’t have anything smaller than a $100 bill, and that didn’t sit well with a store clerk, so she called the cops. Jim went off on the store clerk for calling the cops on him because he couldn’t pay her with a smaller bank note.

You can hear Jim asking the clerk in the video, “So what you want me to do? You want to get change or not? Call the police, maybe they got change!” He even went as far as to tell them, “It’s not a crime, I got money. It’s only a crime when you don’t have money,” said Jones. "This is a gas station, they’re supposed to leave y'all with change!”

The “We Fly High” rapper seemed to just wait it out for police to come out and make sure everything was good before he left. He ends the video with a final message, "Today was entertaining. I had a blast.”

I can’t really comment because I wasn’t there, but I’d like to know what Jim Jones was buying where he needed to pay with a $100 bill. Also, if the store doesn’t take bills larger than a certain denomination, is it posted? Might be a good idea to post it for customers to see.

Slow news day. I apologize!

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