While "Selma" was truly a great movie, from the actors to actresses who performed well. We all know that you need the music to compliment the movie and Common and John Legend gave us a great song to not only address those times, but the current moments as well. The single Glory won an award for Best Original Song last night during the Oscars and you can't go on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook without seeing congratulations all over. If you missed the moment, check out the moving speech from the two while accepting the award.

John Legend and Common win award for Best Original Song "Glory":

You can tell that Common was truly moved and this is a great moment in history. This truly shows that there is power in the words and if you speak the right things, there is no reason why the people won't listen. For those who may have missed this great song, check it out below!


Common and John Legend Perform on The Grammy's:

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