This Weekend I will be moving around the city and it all kicks off this Saturday as I will be broadcasting live at R&R Tire Express 2870 Derrick Drive. I will be on there with plenty of great bargains and sales for everyone.

Obviously, it's tax time which is the best time to look at freshening up your ride including getting new tires or even rims and there is no place in Lake Charles that does a better job of getting you right than R&R Tire Express.

I will have some tickets for the big Pre Valentine's Day Love Tour featuring Leroy Allen, Evette Busby, and Gary Shelton happening at The Foundation House on Saturday, February 12. Don't miss all of the fun with me this Saturday, January 29 from 11 a.m- 1 p.m. The weather will be nice and there will be plenty of specials and giveaways while I'm there.



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