Get Out is one of the best movies of this year, hands down, and it’s also one of the most intricate, with tiny details sprinkled here and there that you only notice after you’ve watched it five or six times. As such, there are a ton of Get Out fan theories out there, and in a recent video for Vanity Fair, director Jordan Peele goes through a bunch of them, saying which ones are right on the money and which ones are a product of smoking too much of the good stuff.

A lot of little things, like mentioning “black mold” as a metaphor for how black bodies are used as literal molds in the movie, and how the characters who have already gone through brain transplants wear hats or wigs to cover their scars, are right on the money, while other stuff, like one Reddit user’s intricate theory that this is all happening inside the imagination of Rod the TSA agent as a product of his paranoia, are not. Peele does say he loves that last theory, though.

There are a lot of little things mentioned in this video that you might not have caught the first time around. I’m absolutely kicking myself for not seeing the irony of the cotton Chris pulls out of the chair arm to save himself from succumbing to hypnotic suggestion. Peele also said that he’d lent his voice to the movie at least twice — the weird moan the dying deer makes, and one of the voices on the television (“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”).

All in all, it’s a fun video to watch if you’re a fan of the movie and/or if you just love dissecting fan theories. It just shows that Get Out is the kind of film whose intricacies are going to stick with us for a long time.

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