Alright people, same thing!  We gotta vote our butts off!  Joshua needs us to come through, so let's not let him down.


Tonight, like every week.... Joshua put it down!  He puts it all out there every week, and so far you've come through every week.  Here's his numbers, if your voting by phone call 1-866-436-5703, for AT&T customers text VOTE to 5703, online at  We have two hours, so let's make every moment count.

Here's a recap of the show for those of you who missed it.  Tonight, the Idols performed two songs once again.  One by the legendary rock group Queen and the other, a song of their choice.  Our man Joshua sang "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen and hell yeah, he killed it!

His second performance was just amazing!!  Joshua sang India Arie's "Ready For Love"....WOW.  Let me say it again....WOW!!!!!!!  Honey Child, he is one gifted soul.

Hit Joshua up on Twitter, at @JLedetAI11, I'm sure he'd love to here from you.  Also, don't forget another way to show your love is to download his music off iTunes.  And whatever you do, PLEASE vote as many times as you can for him tonight.  The lines are open!!!

Here's a look back at some memorable Idol moments:


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