Every Wednesday, the entire community of Westlake and the surrounding cities here in Louisiana rally behind our own Joshua Ledet.  Everyone is so proud of him. That being said we invite you to stop by the Multipurpose building in Westlake on Sampson Street at 5:30pm for a viewing party for Joshua.


Basically, they'll have a 17 foot screen set up in the gym so that everyone can see American Idol, and will be providing free Wi-fi so you can vote for Joshua after the show.  It doesn't stop there, there will also be free food, tons of door prizes and plenty of family fellowship.  So come one, come all!


Joshua's big brother Jason stopped by the station today to share all of tonight's details and this is what he told us: 

By the way Big Glen, manager of Marty's in the Big Lot Shopping center called in to issue a challenge to all his fellow Greeks and this is how that went: 

So there it is people!  Joshua simply can not win or move to the next round without us.  It's imperative that we ALL vote for him, and as many times as our fingers will allow us too.  Remember, his number is never the same, so you have to watch the show to vote by phone or to text through AT&T.  I'm not sure how it works online, but if you're not able to watch the show and still wanna vote, just go to americanidol.com after the show and start voting that way.


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