A judge in Houston has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of 6ix9ine for failing to appear at hearing on Thursday morning (Dec. 20). There’s only one small problem. The embattled rapper is already locked up in New York on federal racketeering and weapon charges.

According to TMZ, the judge was fully aware why the Dummy Boy MC couldn’t make today’s hearing, but it’s protocol to issue a bench warrant when a person doesn’t show up for court.

The hearing in Houston stems from an incident in which 6ix9ine allegedly put his hands around a 16-year-old kid’s neck during a fight at a local mall earlier this year. The alleged victim, Santiago Albarran, appeared in court and told the judge that he did not want the rapper to be prosecuted.

Carl Moore, who acted as an attorney for 6ix9ine during the case, told TMZ that his not accepting a plea deal since Albarran doesn’t want to pursue it. Furthermore, if 6ix9ine accepts a plea deal it would result in a conviction and hurt his current federal case.

As we mentioned before, 6ix9ine has been put in federal custody after being arrested on racketeering and weapons charges. He is now facing 32 years to life in prison.

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