A few weeks ago, Kanye West came out and said he would be running for president in the 2020 election. I assumed he was working on something, maybe a new album or reality show. Within a few days, the word came out that he was pulling out and before the ink was dry, he was back in it again. Those who take the political side serious took this as Kanye was trying to sway the votes and throw things off.

This isn't unlike something he would do. Do I need to remind you of the Taylor Swift/ MTV fiasco? Fast forward to today and Ye made his first stop in Charleston, South Carolina with several people in attendance.

However, talking about what his plans were should he get elected were not the main topics of discussion. Instead, he talked about wanting to abort North against Kim judgement and also talked about his father not wanting to have him. But, whaat got everyone talking is what he said about Harriet Tubman.

While the video is short, you can see below what was said and the reaction of the people recording the video.

This week has been a whirlwind in the entertainment industry., with Tamar Braxton attempting suicide and Nick Cannon considering it. Now we have Kanye West, who I truly feel needs some psychological help. I was talking to a friend of mine and if you think about it, Kanye West has never dealt with the death of his mother. We know he loved her, but he didn't take any time off. He consistently made music, toured and eventually got married to socialite Kim Kardashian.

This man needs help, and I have never seen a person cry out more for help than I have with him. I truly believe Kanye is a very intelligent person and confident to the fullest. However, even the strongest person in the world has a breaking point. If you followed his career like I have, I believe he has had several breaking points and no one really pushed him to seek help.

What's your take on this? Does Kanye need to sit down and take a break? How should his family help him?

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