This past week has been one for the books with the latest tweets from Kanye West, where he seems to be showing love for Donald Trump. He has  received backlash from many in the political forum and peers in the industry wondering what he is doing.

He has also had friends including John Legend who has reached out to him to discuss potentially changing his opinion and views on the matter. But he has continued to throw out tweets and even talked to some of the big wigs in radio including Charlamagne Tha God, Ebro and others who are the power movers and shakers within the hip hop genre.

While there are many who will disagree about the stance he is taking.Have people really thought about the mind of Kanye West. He has never been one to shy down from controversy and I don't believe that this is any different. He knows how to poke at peoples buttons and to get a reaction and I think with the release of this latest single, he is pushing a few more. Check out his collaboration with T.I. with "Ye Vs The People"


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