As everyone should know by now, Kanye West is willing to go to great lengths to make points with his music. Apparently, that desire once led him to suggest to Jay Z that every song on their Watch the Throne album had the n-word in front of it.

Former Grantland publisher David Cho recently revealed as much during an appearance on Jeff and Eric Rosenthal's A Waste of Time podcast. During the conversation, which lasts a bit over two hours, Cho makes a few interesting revelations about Jay and Yeezy's collab LP, including the tidbit about 'Ye wanting the n-word included in front of all of the album's song titles.

According to Cho, Hov wanted "Niggas in Paris" to be called "Ball So Hard," but "Kanye was like ‘No, we’re going to put the n-word in every single title of this album, so everyone has to say it and confront it.'” It's an interesting approach, but Hov didn't go for it, and "Niggas in Paris" ended up being the only song with the n-word included in its title. Can't win them all.

Another interesting tidbit from the discussion, which is a lively one, includes Cho claiming to have seen an interview where Yeezy said he made Yeezus to prove marrying Kim Kardashian wouldn't lead him to make pop music.

You can listen to the entire conversation below. The bit about Watch the Throne begins at the 1:50:00 mark.

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