When will it stop?  Katt Williams had another brief run-in with the law.  Last Friday, he was pulled over and then arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Katt Williams-Getty Images

Katt had a warrant out for his arrest steaming from his three-wheel motorcycle escape when he lead police on a chase a week ago.  If that's not enough, TMZ reports that he had another "knocking the hell out of somebody" moment.  This go around, he used a mic.  See for yourself......

Kevin Clash-Getty Images

WTH???????? He is hitting the right people, that's for sure. Get more details on Katt and his crazy escapades below with Tha Wire. In more news, the beloved puppeteer of Sesame Street, Kevin Clash is back in the news.  Yet another accuser has come out of the woodwork.  He calling himself John Doe and is looking to get paid after accusing the creator of Elmo of sexual abuse.  Listen to Tha Wire and get all of the juicy details below.

A$AP Rocky-Getty Images

In even more news, A$AP Rocky also had a run in with them laws a few weeks back and his legal issue recently came to a head.  Get the scoop now and learn more on all of today's entertainment news.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: