With the new year just hours away, hopefully one of America's funnest comedians can make some major changes in his life and if not for himself, for his son.  Katt Williams has had some very public issues just about every month, for the last 7 months.

Katt Williams-Youtube
Katt Williams-Youtube

It's painfully obvious that his erratic behavior over the last several months is due to some sort of narcotic/alcohol abuse.  As a fan, I can only hope that he gets help before it's to late.  The comedians latest run in with the Poe-Poe involved his son and or children currently living with him.  The 41-year old comedian is currently out on bail after being arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of child endangerment and possession of a stolen gun.

According to a police report filed by Officer Norma Eisenman, Katt was taken into custody Friday after the LA County Department of Children and Family Services did a welfare check at his home.  So far it's unknown as to how or why family services got involved, but as further developments arise I will keep you posted.  By the way, authorities found more than one firearm, one of which had been reported stolen.

Eisenman says the DCFS did not specify how many children lived at the home or whether they were removed. However, the 41-year-old comedian was arrested this month on a felony warrant related to a police chase. In November, he was accused of hitting a man on the head with a bottle during a fight.

If that's not bad enough, Katt is also ended 2012 by getting hit with a four million dollar tax lien.  According to the IRS, Katt didn't pay any of the $3.2 million in taxes he owed the government in 2008. On top of that Katt also neglected to pay in 2008, as a matter of fact he also never paid $829,352 in taxes for 2009.  Ironically, this isn't his first merry go round with Uncle Sam because he had similar problems last year when he was hit with a tax lien for not paying taxes in 2010.

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