It seems that Katt Williams is really making a comeback, and in more ways then one. Recently, there was a situation in which one of his adoptive kids was taken from him, and now it seems that the child is back in his care.


TMZ broke the story last month -- a woman named Crystal McGhee went to an L.A. court, seeking sole custody of Katt's daughter, claiming she was the child's mother. Katt failed to show up to fight McGhee's claim -- so the judge granted her request by default, on the assumption McGhee was legit.

But Katt just filed new legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court -- claiming McGhee's nothing but a shameless fraud ... a former nanny "with no parental rights" who hasn't worked with the family for years. The judge has since overturned the previous order.

It's unclear what motivated McGhee to seek custody -- but Katt's legal docs suggest it has to do with California State parenting perks -- i.e. collecting government benefits.

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There have always been speculations around Katt and the stability in his life and career. Regardless of how you may feel about him, he is most definitely one of the funniest comedians out there. I recently had the chance to see him in Beaumont, and I have to admit, I have seen him in better shows. Maybe he can really start to get himself together  and really look out for the betterment of his children. Congratulations on the situation turning into a positve one!