I am sure that the subject is a little redundant, but Katt Williams seems to be that guy that everyone is talking about now. Of course this is another way to peak interest for some of his upcoming shows as well. Only time will tell whether it will work, but for now he is rolling in the dough.

I personally think that Katt Wiliams is a funny guy, but he seems to really have issues with people in general. I don't know where it all stems from, but his circle seems to be pretty small from the sounds of it. From a guy who really rose to fame on "Friday After Next", he has been touring all over the world and taking control of things. He's got an upcoming show in Chicago and called the crew there to talk about it and Chris Rock was brought up and you can only imagine what happened next.

Katt Williams Discusses upcoming show and Chris Rock during interview:

As I always mentioned there is nothing worse then entertainers not being able to get along. I really hope that they can work some things out and get to a place where the money can be made and ultimately one to the next can be happy. If you want to find out whether Katt Williams will be coming to a town near you, then all you have to do is click here for more details.

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