Well, well, well, it seems that comedian Katt Williams has been on a roll lately. He has been trolling Kevin Hart over who might be the funnier comedian since taking shots at him the other day in concert. He even went so far as to challenge him to a rap battle, boxing match and, of course, comedy standup. I am a fan of both comedians, and it really pains me to see things like this going on. There is no need to beef with one another and take shots at a person who does the same thing that you do.

There has been talk that Katt may be a little envious of Kevin's success that Kevin, so that could be happening. While I would hate to believe this since I feel both comedians had the same opportunity, it wouldn't be farfetched. As I mentioned earlier, Katt has been going at everyone from Steve Harvey to Faison Love and pretty much everyone who has some form of relevancy in the industry. A lot of folks look at it as keeping it real, and again, I won't argue with that. But there are ways to handle personal issues. Well, recently in Atlanta, he decided to put his hands on a young man, and now the guy is looking at proceeding with some legal action.

Guy speaks out after being assaulted by Katt Williams:

Everyone on the outside looking in would probably say that this guy is just trying to cash in. My question would be what is he supposed to do, just accept physical abuse because Katt is a celebrity? I truly feel like an intervention needs to be in the works if we want to have Katt around for a few more years. While his comedy has not been the caliber it was in the beginning, he is still a good comedian and is still booking and selling out shows like crazy. Hopefully this young man can get some form of justice as well, because this type of behavior should not be tolerated.

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