After a tumultuous year in early 2016, singer Kehlani got it together and bounced back with a certified hit, “CRZY.”

The Oakland, California bred singer posted a picture to Instagram earlier in the year from a hospital bed after a bad break up with NBA point guard Kyrie Irving. The singer reportedly attempted suicide. The photo was quickly deleted, but sparked criticism from many, including singer Chris Brown who accused Kehlani of “flexing for the gram.” Singer PartyNextDoor alleged that she had been cheating on Irving and posted an alleged picture of Kehlani in his bed, which has also since been deleted. Kehlani later deactivated her IG account after denying she had cheated on Irving, and acknowledged her affair with PartyNextDoor, who she also credited with saving her life during her suicide attempt. She has since rejoined social media.

Thank goodness the young singer got past that moment in her life to get back to the music. The video for Kehlani’s latest single is a colorful visual, filled with a birthday cake fight, low riders, and a group of people just having a damn good time. “CRZY” is out now via iTunes.

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