Today in Tha Wire, thank God we can always count on Compton MC Kendrick Lamar to bring us all together.  Mr. We Gonna Be Alright is at it again, but he's not using the power of music to bring about unity this time....he's steppin' up his game and literally.  Kdot just announced he's got a new pair of Reebok kicks for fans to cop.  In his continued effort to end gang violence and promote unity, the rapper is putting a twist on a Reebok classic.

This is not the first time Kendrick has tried to make a difference with something other than his socially and politically conscious music.  The rapper was named Reebok's Brand Ambassador in 2014 and turned the shoe world upside down with his first line.  The shoes got immediate attention, but something more...respect.

Now he's at it again.  This time around as mentioned above he's putting a twist on Reebok's Club C model.  According to reports the new kick's will feature acid-washed denim in black and white on the upper part of the shoe with a red label on the sneaker’s tongue. His latest signature shoe for the brand, will hopefully draw attention to the need for people across the world to put their differences aside and “come together”.

As a finishing touch the Reebok branding on the side will be blacked out, with the ‘k’ and ‘o’ highlighted in red, of course to represent the Compton star’s nickname, “Kdot”. Be on the lookout Kendrick's x Reebok Club C carries a price tag of $109.00 and is scheduled to hit retailers on January 13, 2017.  Below is more details.

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