Compton bred rapper Kendrick Lamar is being sued over his first profitable project Section.80, allegedly over sampling issues from one of the albums songs, 'Keisha's Song (Her Pain).

Section.80 was Lamar's first release that was distributed for sale. The independent LP was released under TDE, prior to the release of his first major label debut Good Kid, mAAd City.

According to AllHipHop,

U.K. company Woolfsongs Limited is suing Lamar for an unspecified amount over his song “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” from Section.80. Woolfsongs Limited alleges that The Alan Parsons Project’s “Old and Wise” is illegally sampled in the song and attempts to resolve the issue with Lamar in April were not returned on Lamar’s end.

Since the song has been featured in marketplaces like iTunes, Google Play Music, and more, the lawsuit demands an injunction on the sale of the song. In other words, they have to pay up!

This is the reason I encourage the young producers I work with to make original music. Sampling can potentially cut out a large portion of your earnings. Unless the artist or label you're sampling ok's the usage of the sample, most of the time you will have to pay, period…