Kevin Gates has been having a pretty good year musically. His first major release Islah has been given the gold certification and he is touring the world. Whether you hate him or love him. You know who he is. Whether he is talking about Black Lives Matter, throwing subliminal messages at former associates or being featured on up and coming artist in the industry.

We last year while on tour in Florida, he got caught up in a situation that could have ruined his career. While the story has been told from various sources. Apparently Kevin was on stage and while performing a young lady decided to grab on him. Supposedly he told her several times not to do so and to keep her hands to herself. She opted not to do so and Kevin kicked the young lady in the chest. Now there is no need for violence and you have to wonder if the situation could have been handled a little different. Just in case you didn't see the clip, here is the video for it.


There is no real excuse for this and Kevin has tried to apply the Stand Your Ground law to the case. The story had gotten kind of quiet and some would wonder if the case had been settled. That was up until now. He is currently in court dealing with the situation which could possibly land him back in jail depending on the outcome of the case.Now on a personal I have spoken with Kevin Gates over the years and have not known him to be violent in my presence. There are two many folks who will judge on what they see and not the full story All I can say is that hopefully the young lady will not have any damages to her health in the near future.

Also hopefully Kevin can work on whatever issues he may be having within self. As I mentioned I have never seen this side of him and only know him as a gentlemen with a cool head, but things can happen, Let's hope that this case can be resolved and their can be a brighter side to this eventually.

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