When I first saw this video it caught me off guard, but then I had to laugh. The dance moves now have everyone going crazy whether they are flicking their wrist on doing dances with Silento. Some of these adults should be ashaned. This video shows how people are when they are dancing without a worry in the world and knocks someone out without missing a beat. Check out this hilarious video below and share your thoughts.

When you knock the Whip out of someone.. w/ Arantza , Pagekennedy , Piques

Posted by KOWKOW on Thursday, May 14, 2015

While there is nothing wrong with dancing and having a good time, some of these dances may not be for the lighthearted. Obviously the young lady was not prepared for the low blow, but was able to bounce back with the best of them.

But hey folks, it's the weekend and if you feel like you need to turn up then go ahead and do your thing. Just make sure that you have an eye out for those who may walk in the path of the crazy man dancing with his friends in the walk way.

Dancing to Silento's "Watch Me":

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