I have heard coming up that if you speak it into existence then it will come through. Pastor Donnie Romero was in the pulpit and talked about a UFC fighter who got a little cocky in and out of the ring. He stated some remarks about possibly fighting with Jesus Christ if given the chance and those words didn't sit to well with the pastor.


He recently called on his congregation to pray that the fighter who goes by the name of Conor Mcgregor is taken down by the mightest force. Now you have to wonder if the fighter was actually speaking seriously or joking. Either way you can tell that the Pastor did not take kindly these words and you can tell by the below video that he is more then upset.

Maybe old Conor has a chance to come out and say that it was all a bad joke, but if not. I can't say that I would want to be around him if the stuff hits the fan. I had to do a little research on him and came across an interesting video of the fighter.


Conor Mcgregor during a press conference:


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