Contrary to our early report, Keyshia Cole is NOT pregnant with her second child. Apparently, it was Cole's elaborate lesson on body shaming.

On Friday (July 6), the R&B singer posted on her Instagram page a photo of herself in a Fashion Nova fit with the caption “#PreggoInMyFashionnovaFit.” This immediately sent fans and media outlets to assume that this was her pregnancy announcement. We must also mentioned that her rumored boyfriend, rapper Niko Khale, never went on his social media accounts to confirm the pregnancy rumors.

In any case, on Friday night, Cole went on her IG page to retract her pregnancy news. The R&B singer said that she was only trolling due to people body shaming her on social media.

“I kinda apologize for trolling yesterday, telling y’all I was preggo but y’all need to stop body shaming me and saying I’m pregnant every other day!” she wrote in the post. “Seriously, it hurts my feelings.”

It's hard to believe that fans are calling Cole fat judging by photos on Khale's IG page - we are just saying. But the internet can be a cruel place and people can be very judgmental.

However, trolling fans with preggo rumors may not have been the right cause of action given the fact some people were generally happy for the 36-year-old singer.

Nevertheless, this was a teachable moment. Body shaming is a major problem and the behavior needs to stop on social media.

In the meantime, Cole is a doting mother of an 8-year-old son Daniel Hiram Jr. with former NBA star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

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