Killer Mike may be supporting Bernie Sanders in his race to become president, but the Georgia rapper says he doesn't need to be compensated for it.

On Monday (March 2), the Run The Jewels rapper hit up his Twitter timeline to denounce any rumors that he is accepting money from the Sanders campaign in exchange for his support. For the unfamiliar, the Atlanta native has been a solid supporter of Sanders ever since he ran for president in 2016. To this day, Mike maintains that he's never received a dime from the Sanders campaign for his support.

"Keep it really real. I’m accept NO MONEY from any politician," Mike wrote in response to another Twitter user. "I am already rich."

Killer Mike has been generous with his support of Sanders over the years. In 2016, he traveled with the presidential candidate and even went as far as calling out his then-opponent Hillary Clinton for her record on race.

Their bond has managed to go beyond the campaign trail. Sanders was selected to introduce Run The Jewels at 2016 Coachella. Regardless of how close the rapper and the 2020 presidential candidate have become over the years, Mike believes money doesn't have anything to do with his support for Bernie.

"If I’m a regular every day black person in America and @BootsRiley @MrChuckD & @KillerMike all agree on the same Presidental candidate Umma really have to consider that candidate because these three in music and real life action really give a damn. #Sanders2020 #Vote," Killer Mike tweeted.

Killer Mike joins the likes of other veteran MCs like Kid Cudi and Public Enemy who have shown their support for Bernie Sanders ahead of the Democratic Primary.

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