Killer Mike got the entire country excited with his inspiring introduction that he gave for the man hoping to be our next president and the man to run the country. Killer Mike actually said in his speech that he was not a big fan of politics, but Bernie Sanders is someone who made him actually consider going to the polls and voting.


Obviously Killer Mike is taking on the voice for our next hopeful Leader of the free world. I think it's great since Killer Mike is an icon in the hip hop field and enjoys his craft. They recently had a sitdown and discussed several things during the conversation.


Killer Mike Sits Down With Bernie Sanders:


If you really want to get the youth involved, then you need to make sure there is someone they feel represents them. Killer Mike has been in the music game for awhile now and has a new group called Run The Jewels that has a major cult following. All I can say is we need to go to the polls when it time and vote for who we believe in.

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